Retrain Your Brain with the ATM-2

The ATM-2 re-educates your nervous system by temporarily suspending your pain and allowing you to move your low back, neck, shoulder and hip painlessly and then when you are released you have greater, painless mobility.
A majority of low back, neck, shoulder and hip pain disorders are created by what are called movement disorders. These movement disorders result from faulty muscle contraction and relaxation when trying to move in a certain direction or position resulting in pain. Until you can perform the movement without pain the muscles unfortunately remember these faulty patterns leading to chronic pain. Quite often, spinal adjustments by themselves simply aren’t enough to change these faulty muscle patterns.

Therapies Combined Have Tremendous Benefits

Often low back and neck pain are caused by a combination of compression and movement disorders. Treating one without treating the other leads to frustration for both the patient and the doctor. By combining Non-surgical Spinal Decompression, Active Therapeutic Movements and Spinal Adjustments we have seen amazing results in just a few visits.