Smart Pulse is a patented diagnostic device that is very innovative and portable and allows users to perform a 3 minute check on their arterial health and stress levels.

Now from the convenience of our office, you can quickly run a health check on yourself to understand how you are doing as regards your arterial flexibility (as you lose this flexibility, you are more and more likely to have a cardio event).

In just 3 minutes, the Smart Pulse and perform the test and display the results on your mobile devices. Apple and Android compatible.

This is not a heart rate monitor. This device analyzes your arterial flexibility and gives you a “score” for your arterial health. It also measures your stress levels and gives you a stress score.


The Smart Pulse Screening Device will grade your vessels into 7 different grades each representing a different level of arterial disease.  Check out the video to the right to determine your grade of arterial health.